11-year-old Missourian breaks world record

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Maverick Yoakum holds record river redhorse catch with his father Bennett behind him (photo courtesy of MDC)

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Maverick Yoakum holds record river redhorse catch with his father Bennett behind him (photo courtesy of MDC)

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MISSOURI (Missourinet) – An 11-year-old boy from south-central Missouri’s Dixon has set a state and world record in the sport of fishing.Maverick Yoakum became the state’s most recent record-breaking angler by hooking a river redhorse on Tavern Creek using a rod and reel. Paperwork is being done to finalize the world record through the International Game Fish Association, but Yoakum’s 10-pound, 3-ounce catch set a new standard for the fish.The previous 9-pound, 13 ounces world record catch for a river redhorse was also fished out of the same Tavern Creek near the town of St. Elizabeth by an adult in 2016.Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Fisheries Programs Specialist Andrew Branson says Yoakum holds a special place among the few world record holders in the state.  “Missouri does have a handful,” said Branson. “I think we’ve got five or so current world records, but none of them are from a youth. So, this is kind of a special deal, having a youth do it.”River redhorse is part of the sucker family of fish.The Encyclopedia Britannica website describes suckers as somewhat sluggish fish that live on the bottom of lakes and slow streams where they feed by sucking up invertebrates and plants. According to the state Conservation Department, they are a moderately chubby, coarse-scaled fish with an upper-body fin containing 12 or 13 rays.Branson says the fish are prevalent throughout waterways in the Ozarks. “It’s going to be in the southern streams …

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