13-year-old stops in Branson to say thank you to police officers

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BRANSON MO NEWS: A 13-year old girl is on a mission to thank as many police officers as she can.

Tuesday morning, the Texas girl and her family visited the Branson Police Department. Savannah Solis handed out thank-you cards and shared her appreciation.
The meet and greet with local officers was her first stop in Missouri, but she has thanked officers 22 states, including Arkansas, and made more than 6,000 thank-you cards.
Savannah says she wants to show officers that she recognizes all that they do for their communities and let them know that young people, like her, understand the sacrifices they make.
“I know that officers, it touched their heart for hear someone just thank them and it makes me really happy to see officers and when I’m thanking them, they’re always really appreciative because they don’t get that very much,” Savannah said.
Branson officers say Savannah’s message inspires them to continue to work to protect the area and it’s encouraging to know they’re supported.
“We live in an amazing community that shows appreciation every day, but for her to come from Texas to say thank you to us I think was amazing,” Sergeant Jennifer Easton said.

Savannah says when she grows up she wants to be a handler for a K-9 officer.
She visited officers in Arkansas Monday and plans to make a stop in Springfield on Friday. She also created an online challenge for kids to make videos of themselves saying “thank you” to their local officers.



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