#61 Harley Worthit’s Funniest Moment on Stage in Branson

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?while most comedians tell jokes to make you laugh, Harley Worthit makes you laugh just by walking onto the stage! Known for his colorful, crazy, and ever-changing outfits, this guy is one of Branson’s favorite comedians. Known in real life as Perry Edenburn, Harley Worthit has been performing in the Ozarks since 1985 when he was asked to ‘fill-in’ for a comedian who left town mid season.
     Since that eventful day, Harley has performed on almost every stage in town along with performers such as Pam Tillis and Clay Cooper. He has been a part of numerous shows including the Presleys, Pierce Arrow, and A Heaping Spoonful, and for the last five years has been keeping pretty busy making people laugh over at Grand Country Music Hall. Six days a week (and twice a day during spring and fall) is a lot of laughter!
     If you ask Branson locals you’ll find that Harley is one of their favorite comedians on the strip.
  • “He’s great! You never know what the jokes will be from show to show!”
  • “His outfits?.they’re a comedy routine in and of themselves!”
  • “You never know what he’s going to say next?but you know it will be funny!”
Performers in town love to work with him as well; “it’s fun to work with people who make YOU laugh every day.”
     It’s easy to keep up with Harley even when you’re not in Branson; he’s got his own Facebook page and posts a daily joke sure to start your day off with a smile and a giggle or two. And if you don’t get a chance to catch Harley in Branson, he may be performing in a town near you. Perry doesn’t believe in having down time, and is always on the go! Harley takes his show on the road every January, as well as several weekends throughout the year. Every routine is different?.so go find him. We promise?.he’s more than Worthit!

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