Actress Pushing for More Missouri Movie Incentives

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BRANSON, Mo. — What do the award-winning movies, “Winter’s Bone” and “Gone Girl” have in common? They were both shot in Missouri.”Gone Girl” released in 2014, was the last major motion picture to be shot on Missouri soil and one Branson area woman, who had a role in “Winter’s Bone,” is spearheading a growing effort to change that. When watching the awards and attention the 2017 movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is receiving, actress Shelley Waggener says it stirs her up because although the movie is centered on Missouri, it was shot mainly in North Carolina.Waggener, who played Sonya, a helpful neighbor to Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the critically acclaimed and Sundance winner, “Winter’s Bone”, believes if there were more filmmaker incentives in Missouri, there would be more movies shot in the state.”And if you look at the films that were actually last shot in Missouri. ‘Gone Girl’, ‘Winters Bone’, ‘Up in the Air’..all three were award-winning movies. All 3 of them. That does wonders to bring people to town. So if we attract those types of filmmakers which we have can do, we can be a huge tourist destination over the entire state.”Waggener says as she moves forward with her efforts to push for more movie-making in Missouri, she’s also going to push for some of the money that the state will receive to be used for a specific purpose.”When we start making that kind of money, my plan is to follow the model of Georgia. And what they’ve done with their excess is they brought it back and they said’ hey, we’re bringing a lot of production into our area now..why don’t we use some of this money and the put it into an education fund.'”She says that education fund will …

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