Area man charged after teen gives birth

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BRANSON MO NEWS: A Bonne Terre man is being charged with a felony after authorities say he impregnated a teen. Michael Driemeier, 24, of Bonne Terre, is charged with a class C felony of statutory rape in the second degree.

According to court documents, on Oct. 10, 2016, a concerned father showed up at the Park Hills Police Department to report his 13-year-old daughter was pregnant. The dad told the detective he had already been in contact with the school district and the Missouri Division of Family Services.He told the detective that his daughter was not being truthful with anyone about who the possible father was and she was very uncooperative. The detective encouraged the man to have a physician get a DNA sample from the newborn to prove the identity of the father.

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The man agreed with the detective and said he would do what he could to find out who fathered the baby. The detective spoke with DFS several times and they discussed the difficulty they were having with the teen.A family services worker told the detective the young teen girl was not telling the truth about who the baby’s father might be, and they agreed to help get DNA following the birth. On Jan. 9 the detective spoke with the caseworker and received information about the teen and her baby.The detective said DFS was able to get a DNA sample from the baby, which matched Driemeier. Also, the detective was told that on Oct. 16 Driemeier admitted in a juvenile court proceeding that he had a sexual relationship with the teen in the Park Hills city limits. He also admitted to fathering the child. 


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