“Bag of emotions”: Tigers’ Brooks prepares for Alabama homecoming

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BRANSON MO NEWS: The World Meteorological Organization has a strict procedure for naming hurricanes.The distinctions are drawn from a list of male and female names which rotate every six years, and are seldom retired. In hurricane seasons that feature more than 21 tropical cyclones, the additional storms are assigned names from the Greek alphabet.Little about the process is random, and even less of it holds particular meaning.

But as Belinda Sutton-Brooks watched a Category 4 hurricane move north in the direction of her home in Bessemer, Alabama, earlier this week — Michael made initial landfall in the Florida Panhandle Wednesday — she saw the storm, and the name that had been attached to it, as something bigger.The hurricane carried a familiar name: Michael, the same one that once belonged to Belinda’s brother, Michael Sutton. That Michael attended the University of Alabama once upon a time, where he played football for the Crimson Tide under the tutelage of the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant. The connection with the school has persisted within the family after Michael’s passing, and the ties to Tuscaloosa remain deep.And so as a hurricane bearing her brother’s name affected the Yellowhammer State just days before her son, Missouri linebacker Jamal Brooks, returns home to Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium, Belinda took it as a sign.“He is coming to his home state and playing against the team that my brother played for,” she said. “Now that (the storm) makes you go ‘hmm.’”You may not believe in those sorts of things, but Belinda Sutton-Brooks most certainly does.Homecoming festivities on Alabama’s campus will coincide with something of a homecoming for Jamal Brooks this weekend when the Tigers travel to Tuscaloosa for a bout with the No. 1 team in the nation. Growing up …



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