Blunt delivers tired old insult against Democrats

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Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., recently spoke at an annual Republican gathering, and he referred to Democrats as people who would eschew freedom in favor of “free stuff.” It’s a tired old trope, and it’s insulting. Our family pays far more in taxes than the value of benefits we receive. Yet, he calls us freeloaders because we prioritized issues like environmental protections and arts funding at the ballot box.We also voted for evidence-based investments in our country’s vulnerable citizens, so every worker is free to find a job that can support a family, every child is free to access the possibilities opened by education, and every family is free to take care of their sick. Yet, he says we don’t value freedom. Democrats may have different ideas, but we love freedom as fiercely as any American.
Our country is divided, and we all need to do our part to bridge the gaps and tone down the rhetoric. As I explain to my children that it’s our duty to support our elected officials even if we didn’t cast our votes for them, Sen. Blunt insults their parents and demeans all those who participate in the very American practice of …


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