Branson Mayor Karen Best 2019 Interview

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Curious about Aldi’s? Ever wonder how much the mayor is paid? Panhandlers, Extended Stay Hotels, The Magic Castle and more…

Listen to our annual Branson Talk Mayor’s update with Karen Best Karen Best, Mayor

Mayor Karen Best has been a huge supporter of Branson Talk and All Things Branson from the beginning. Each year, we sit down and talk about achievements and changes in Branson during the previous year, general questions and concerns from residents, and what to expect during the next year. This year’s annual update discusses Wonder Works, Aquarium at the Boardwalk, Andy B’s, Paula Dean’s, Aldi’s, Panhandling, Extended Stay Hotels, the HUGE compensation the mayor of Branson receives, and even The Magic Castle. Enjoy!

WonderWorks Branson
Aquarium at the Boardwalk
Andy B’s – Branson

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