Branson remembers local icon who passed away Saturday night

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BRANSON MO NEWS: The Branson community is mourning the loss of one of its most influential men. Mark Trimble died Saturday.

Trimble was a co-founder of Branson’s Shepherd of the Hills and a long-time owner of Fantastic Caverns.
“He was just a fantastic human being. He helped everybody including me,” His Friend Jim Cox said.
Cox describes Trimble as a man who worked hard and loved even harder.
“A Trimble-ism is ‘if you can do something for somebody and it doesn’t you anything, do it.’ ‘Whatever you do that’s good for Branson, that’s good for you,'” Cox said.
Cox says it was Trimble’s foresight, work ethic, and passion that helped put the Ozarks on the map.
“The rest of the United States heard about Branson Missouri because of people like Mark Trimble,” Cox said.
As a co-founder of the Shepherd of the Hills pageant, he helped Branson become home to what was once America’s largest outdoor drama. Trimble also owned and operated Fantastic Caverns for nearly 40 years and founded the Ozarks Auto Show and the Branson Auction.

“Mark has created a legacy here in Branson. I mean, you can’t go anywhere without hearing the name Mark Trimble,” Branson Mayor Karen …


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