Branson tourism officials expect busy season despite recent floods

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BRANSON MO NEWS: BRANSON, Mo. Branson was hit hard by flooding this past week but now that the rain has let up, things are starting to return to normal.

“Every major road in the city of Branson is open, every minor road is basically open as well,” said Cheif Stan Dobbins with the Branson Police Department.
“We have two areas of concern, one of those was the lakeside region and the roads there are completely open now. We do have one other neighborhood in the Alexander Park region that has been impacted by floodwater and that water is over some of the roadways,” Dobbins explained.
Other than that, if you’re driving through Branson you shouldn’t run into any roadblocks.
“There are no areas in our region that are currently at risk and that goes double for our business community. It’s doing great and we would encourage everybody to come down and see us,” said Dobbins.
In a community that relies heavily on tourism dollars, officials say making sure visitors know Branson is open for business is crucial.
“When it comes to the current condition of Branson it’s actually really really good. I would say 97% of our businesses are open,” said Jeff Seifried, …


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