Branson voters reject use tax

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BRANSON MO NEWS: A ballot item that would have established a use tax in Branson was rejected by voters in Tuesday’s election.The question received just under 2,000 total votes, with 1,221 people voting to reject the measure, compared to the 547 who voted to approve it.According to Jamie Rouch, finance director for the city of Branson, the use tax wouldn’t have been a tax increase, but a way for the city to collect sales tax on out-of-state online sales.

“The use tax isn’t increasing the sales tax for the city of Branson,” Rouch said in May. “It’s simply allowing us to collect out-of-state online sales. Most of them are already being collected, we just don’t have the ability in the city to collect them.”While the city of Branson can reintroduce the proposition on future ballots, there is a deadline on a provision allowing the city to continue to collect sales tax on out-of-state vehicle purchases registered in the city. According to Rouch, if the measure is not approved by the November election, the city will become unable to collect the sales tax in the future.“Going forward we will not be able to capture the sales tax of vehicles out of state,” Rouch said. “In Missouri, your sales tax is captured on where your address is, not where you purchased your vehicle from. After November, we will lose the ability to capture that, if the vehicles are purchased out of state.”

According to Rouch, city revenue which would be effected by the change represents $40,000 annually. Melody Pettit, communications director for the city, said city officials have not decided if the city will put the use tax question on the November ballot.“The city of Branson has not made a decision whether it will put the use tax on …



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