China is building a Titanic: Landlocked theme park to host full-sized reproduction of doomed ocean …


BRANSON MO NEWS: Many have promised it, but it took a Chinese amusement park to do it.
On Wednesday, officials for China’s Romandisea theme park laid the keel for what will become the world’s first full-sized replica of the RMS Titanic.
In what the China Daily described as a “solemn ceremony” on Wednesday, project backers in the Chinese province of Sichuan oversaw the official beginning of construction for what will become a 269-metre long recreation of the vessel, which was the world’s largest moving object at its 1912 maiden voyage. 
Curiously, the event was attended by former U.K. cabinet minister Peter Mandelson. The U.K., of course, was home to the shipyards and shipping company that built the original Titanic, whose 1912 sinking killed 1,500 people.
The vessel will be the centerpiece of a sprawling tourist resort in the landlocked Chinese province of Sichuan. When complete, Romandisea will include a Venetian-style wedding chapel, a “Fairyland” theme park and a recreation of life in the Ancient Chinese state of Qi.
“We are showing off not just digital high-tech, but the progress and culture of human civilization,” reads the resort’s official website.

The Titanic recreation, meanwhile, would allow tourists to experience a “ …


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