City of Branson Considers Capture of Internet Sales Tax/Use Tax

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BRANSON NEWS: Branson-FAQ-UseTax2017-Short_20180517081729 BRANSON, Mo – The Branson Board of Aldermen considers putting the capture of an internet sales tax/use tax on the August 2018 ballot. The capture of those dollars is not a new tax or an increase in local taxes, but rather a reimbursement to the City of the taxes that are already being collected by the State.Download a pamphlet paid for by the City of Branson hereThe City hopes to have this issue on the August ballot for Branson voters to consider. The State of Missouri estimates Branson would collect something over $300,000 per year from its share of the internet sales tax/use tax already being collected. That money would go into the City’s general fund to help support services like planning, development, engineering and parks and trails.City personnel have prepared an informational flyer and will be happy to speak to any neighborhood group or civic organization to provide additional information. 


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