Classic American cars go on the auction block

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HAMILTON, Mo. — John Catron bid a fond farewell Thursday afternoon to three of his most favorite things: a Lincoln Continental coupe and two Chevrolet coupes.Catron and his wife, Bert, who are both leaving their longtime home in Hamilton, watched as the classic cars and other household items were auctioned off at the American Legion building on the north side of the city. The couple once owned a bowling alley in Hamilton.Auctioneer Mike Miller of Mike Miller Auction Services in Chillicothe, Missouri, is seeing these sorts of things less frequently with his sales. He’s been in the business for 43 years. The Lincoln dates to 1947, while the Chevys are from 1941 and 1950. Several hundred people attended the auction, and Miller said several of auto enthusiasts stopped by from out of state.

“To sell three like this is very rare,” he said prior to taking bids for the cars. “They’re in excellent condition. They’re kind of parade-ready. … It’s kind of a thing that you’re not going to see much more, I don’t think, in this world because most of the guys that have cars like this, they don’t sell them.”Indeed, Miller advised bidders to regard the vehicles as an investment.“John said you can drive them all to California and they’d make it,” he said in his sales pitch.The silver 1941 Chevrolet sold for $15,000. Miller noted it has air conditioning, although not factory issue,an amenity not possible at that time in the auto industry.“It’s ready to go,” Miller said of the green 1950 Chevy as its engine revved for customers. “It has a mind of its own,” he added as the car briefly slipped out of gear.“You can drive that thing down Highway 36,” he said. “What would you rather have, …


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