Cold weather doesn’t deter Taneycomo trout

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BRANSON, Mo. — If you think winter has been brutal in your part of the world, you should have been with Kris Nelson last week on Lake Taneycomo.Then you would have realized how much worse the weather could be.Imagine ripping across the Ozarks reservoir in a center-console boat, facing into a bitterly cold wind, shivering in 10-degree weather, squinting into a gray sky that spit snow.
For most people, that’s not fishing weather. But it was for Nelson, who runs the Tandem Fly Outfitters Guide Service.He knew the trout he was chasing were a lot more comfortable than he was. And that’s all that mattered.“The water temp is warmer than the air temp,” said Nelson, one of the guides for the Conservation Federation of Missouri Media Camp out of Lilleys’ Landing Resort and Marina. “The trout aren’t as cold as we are. They’re still active in this kind of weather. No matter how nasty it gets, they’ll bite.”Nelson was dressed for the occasion. He was bundled in several layers of clothing, a stocking cap, neck warmer, gloves and insulated boots. Still, he shivered.Maybe that put extra action on the gray-and-white marabou jig he tossed into the shallows. Whatever the reason, it attracted the attention of a big rainbow.As he hopped his marabou jig along the bottom, he was greeted by a jolting strike. When he pulled back, he knew he had something big.The trout leaped, then pulled hard as it strained to get free. It wasn’t long, though, before Nelson had the rainbow in the net.He unhooked it, then admired the brilliantly colored fish for a few seconds. “That one will go 18, 19 inches,” he said. “Not the biggest one out there but a nice one.”With …


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