Coldest Temp. in the US in Missouri??

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BRANSON MO NEWS: I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.  The coldest temperature in the U.S. on Wednesday was a -14 degree reading in Cassville, Missouri…and that INCLUDES ALASKA, where they are having an overall mild winter (so far, it’s going to get cold there). Here’s a list of low temps. in SW Missouri.  Grandby MO was -12, Osage Beach -10 and Springfield dipped to -8.  A sprawling high pressure center was over SW Missouri Weds. AM and with clear skies, calm winds and fresh snow on the ground, it was perfect conditions for plummeting temperatures.  Weds. evening, I noted that the highest surface pressure in North America (it said in the world, but I’d have to check that with the Siberian High) was at Smyrna, Tennessee.  With full sunshine, temperatures recovered into the mid 20s Weds. PM in SW Missouri.
Cassville is in SW Missouri to the west of Branson in Barry County.  It’s got an estimated population of 3,266, which puts it about the same size as Middleville in Barry Co. Michigan.
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