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Well how you like this weather? This is the first seven days into the New Year and it is raining. They said we were going to get freezing rain. I hope not and then Jan. 10 is suppose to get up to 60 degrees.Today Jan. 7 in Sunday school, our teacher got to talking about how grandkids are to call you grandma and grandpa. Well, my mind flashed back to when I was age 2 or 3. My grandma gave me a hen and I went into the chicken house to get the eggs and when I ran out and told my mother that Pearlie was on the hen nest my mom thought it was funny. My grandma Pearlie Jones didn’t think it was funny. She didn’t know that her grandkids knew her name. I’m 67 years old but I can remember a lot now days.A get well and prayer are with my sister-in-law who goes into Branson hospital for surgery Friday, Jan. 12. On Jan. 1, Pam Turley and J. Tumbleson had their Christmas celebration, dinner, and gift exchange. Those who attended were Sandra Malotte and Roy Malotte of Berryville, Karen Schofield of Theodosia, Missouri, Chris Ahearn of Berryville, Casey Larkin and son Clye Ahearn, Robby Saul, and others. They all had a great time.

This community was sorry to hear the loss of Melvin Williams who went on to be with the Lord. The family has our sympathy.We are surprised to learn about Mary Saul of Harrison. She was still working at Tyson in Green Forest when she got a brain clot. They took her to a Springfield, Missouri, hospital and she died Friday to go be with the Lord. The family has our sympathy.It looked so sad coming back from bingo; a lot of Christmas decorations have been taken down. I …


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