COUNTY COMMISSION: Jail delayed due to prevailing wage legislation

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BRANSON MO NEWS: A new Dent County Jail will continue to stay in the design and planning phases while Missouri government haggles over new legislation that could repeal prevailing wage laws, commissioners discussed during their Monday meeting.If the Missouri legislature repeal prevailing wage laws the county could save millions of dollars in construction costs for the jail, according to presiding commissioner Darrel Skiles.

“We have kind of slowed (Shive Hattery Architecture Engineering) down, due to basically, because our legislators have felt that legislation is probably going to happen this year that could possibly save a couple million dollars or more in construction costs,” Skiles said. “Whether that happens or not is yet to be seen, but the legislation is working its way through the House.”Skiles stated that the consulting firm working on the details of the construction will have finalized bid documents out early- to mid-summer.

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“If the legislation is to pass, it would not go into effect until the end of August, so we are hoping to time the release of the bid documents and get them out to bid along with the new legislation that could save us quite a bit of money,” Skiles said.The jail project, voted and accepted by county voters April 4, 2017, was projected in 2017 to have bids at this time, with construction complete and ready for inmates by spring or summer of 2019.”So, we slowed the architect up a little bit, otherwise we had originally planned to get it out for bid in early spring, but we found out if we waited a couple months we would be able to save a few million dollars, it just didn’t make sense to push it harder,” Skils said. “It’s a work in progress. I know people want to see dirt moving, but we …


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