Culture: From The Osmonds to Andy Williams – Jimmy Osmond makes a date for Bury St Edmunds

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BRANSON MO NEWS: He’s been in showbusiness for 50 years and his passion for performing is still as strong. The irrepressible Jimmy Osmond talks Elvis, Michael Jackson and why Andy Williams is special to him ahead of his tribute show to the crooner at The Apex

You celebrated your 50th anniversary in show business in 2016 with the hugely successful show A Tribute to Andy Williams – Moon River & Me and you are bringing it back to the UK in 2018. Andy Williams obviously represents someone very special in your life?

Jimmy Osmond

I began my performing career aged three singing with Andy Williams on his television series. My brothers were already on the show, so I started working with them when I was very young. I was the little guy who’d run on and be goofy. We ended up as regulars on the show and singing on records like Aquarius. What was your role on the show?In those early days, I was the novelty guy, like a mascot. I was the kid brother that everyone liked to slag off. I was the obnoxious boy in the corner. Even in our cartoon TV series, I was the bad apple. But after a lot of therapy, I’ve come to terms with it!Why was Andy Williams’ TV show so iconic?

Jimmy Osmond

It was that era’s version of a Variety Show. In the UK you had Sunday Night At The London Palladium and in the US we had The Andy Williams’ Show, which featured weekly comedy skits and one recurring comedy sketch involving Andy’s encounters with ‘The Cookie Bear’. The show also featured major guest stars, including Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. It was a brilliant production. We were in it for four seasons. Variety does seem to be making a comeback …


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