Exclusive: Bill Medley On Vegas, The Righteous Brothers & Dirty Dancing At 30

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BRANSON MO NEWS: Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to sit down with music legend Bill Medley in Las Vegas. Last year, Bill brought The Righteous Brothers back to Vegas at the Harrahs Hotel & Casino on the famous strip with singer Bucky Heard, who stepped in for the late Bobby Hatfield, who passed away in 2003.
Back stage at Harrahs, we spoke about the old Vegas, being friends and working with Elvis, bringing the new Righteous Brothers to town, and of course working on the soundtrack for the movie Dirty Dancing, which celebrates its 30th birthday today.

What are the origins of this current show here in Las Vegas and the ‘new’ Righteous Brothers?
Well, Bobby has been gone for thirteen years and I did get a lot of letters saying, ‘come on, keep it going’ and this and that, and I had one of my dear friends pushing me hard and then Harrah’s called me and said we want you to work here. I said, well, I’m thinking about doing The Righteous Brothers thing. I have a home in Branson, Missouri where I used to do some work, and Bucky Heard is from Branson and I’ve known him for thirteen, fourteen years, and I went in to see him because he was doing a, not a tribute, but doing a show that had a lot of Journey songs in it. I though wow – this guy is really good, so that was when it dawned on me [to bring him on board]. We’d been good friends and we get along great and that was probably as important as him being a great singer. We just put everything together and it has just been unbelievably smooth and good. It just works.
Did you take it on the road first or …


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