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BRANSON MO NEWS: It’s election season folks, and it’s not just time to get out and vote – it’s time to get out and vote local.On Tuesday, registered voters have the opportunity to select mayors, city aldermen, village trustees and school board members, among others. There’s even a couple of taxes on the ballot, depending on where you live.Then, before you know it, it’s going to be time to vote in the August primary election. But more about that later.

April 3 is general municipal election day in Missouri. Don’t underestimate it’s importance.Voters show up at the polls in very large numbers when there is a president to select. That’s fine. I hope you do take part in that process. But voter turnout can be downright pathetic in these municipal elections.They shouldn’t be.These are the people who make decisions that effect your daily lives. For instance, if you live in Branson, the opinion of one alderman can make a difference whether police will be able to pull over a motorist for not wearing a seat belt. Or whether the city will approve a tax increment financing plan to help fund a large water park attraction in the city. Or on what the city will do with its 50-man bronze statue that’s sitting in storage. Or how the city will expect its share of tourism marketing dollars to be spent. And If you live in Branson’s Ward 1 – as I do – you get to select that new alderman.No matter where you live, your mayor and aldermen (or board of trustees) will make decision that determine how well your roads are plowed in the winter, whether stray dogs can be controlled and whether you or your neighbors can be forced to …


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