Hundreds of chickens seized from alleged cockfighting operation, being cared for in Independence

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BRANSON MO NEWS: INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Cockfighting is far more common than you’d think. Right now, 230 chickens used in an alleged cockfighting operation are being cared for in Independence.


Their new home – two tents on property owned by Great Plains SPCA. But the national group, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA),is in charge.”ASPCA is partnering with Great Plains SPCA because they needed a place to handle these animals,” said Ashley Flores with Great Plains.The animals came from a farm in Stone County, Missouri near Branson.The ASPCA assisted the sheriff in confiscating those animals.The sheriff had originally gone to a home searching for drugs, and found signs of a cockfighting operation as well. The chickens were reportedly in horrible conditions.Authorities said 52-year-old Berry Davis is charged with numerous offenses in connection with the drugs, and the animals.”They teach them to become aggressive,” said Flores about cockfighting rings. “They use steroids to make them look larger. They sharpen their talons and give them spikes and all of those things to make them more dangerous in the fights.”And animal rights advocates say cockfighting could be going on in a community near you.”It is still quite prevalent throughout the country, and different areas of the country more so than others,” said ASPCA Investigator Tim Rickey. “Even here in Missouri, people aren’t aware that we have it. And we have many of them.”The ASPCA is responsible for the care of the chickens while they’re in Independence. While the court case goes on, they say there’s little they can tell us or show us about the conditions of those animals.But, they know this is far better than their old life.They hope you’ll be alert to the signs of cockfighting and call …


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