Hundreds of homes planned on UM-owned land around Missouri Bluffs Golf Club

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The company behind New Town in St. Charles — known for its “new urbanist” design — is proposing another distinctive housing development, this one built into the Missouri River bluffs across from Chesterfield.Greg Whittaker, of NT Home Builders, is asking St. Charles County to rezone nearly 400 acres just south of the Missouri Research Park for a 315-lot housing development built around the periphery of the Missouri Bluffs Golf Club.The forested, hilly terrain, bounded on the south by the Katy Trail and Missouri River, would give the subdivision “more of a resort feel,” Whittaker told the Post-Dispatch. If it wins the necessary approvals, he aims to make it a “low-impact development,” preserving the elevation changes and trees rather than grading the ground flat before building.
“There is no site like this, unless you go to, like, Branson or Springfield,” he said, referring to the Ozark-like terrain. “I’m trying to think of a project in St. Louis that would be like it, but I can’t think of one.”Mike Hurlbert, a planning director with St. Charles County, agreed the proposal is unique. The closest comparison would be Augusta Shores several miles to the southwest on Highway 94, but “this takes it to probably another level,” Hurlbert said.Whittaker has the land under contract from the University of Missouri, which owns it as part of the Missouri Research Park that has developed along Highway 40 (Interstate 64) over the last 30 years.The research park has become more than corporate labs and offices. For more than 20 years, the university has leased the roughly 200 acres where the Missouri Bluffs Golf Club is to a company affiliated with the Whittaker family’s business. The golf course was originally developed by Greg Whittaker’s father, Bob Whittaker, who died last year.Greg Whittaker and NT Home Builders’ proposal …


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