I Met Dolly Parton and Connected With Her as a Gospel Artist

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Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 8:58 a.m.

Local blues musician Charley Crockett had the chance to meet Dolly Parton before her Verizon Theatre show this month.
Cal Quinn

Charley Crockett is a local blues musician. He recently won the Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Blues Act, and his sophomore album, In the Night — which was nominated for best album — will be released on vinyl Dec. 29.A few years back I was making my living playing music on Royal Street in New Orleans and selling cheap recordings out of brown paper lunch bags all day. I picked up all kinds of songs off of other traveling musicians drifting in and out of town: drinking songs, early show tunes, blues, traditionals, spirituals — you name it. Every day was a kaleidoscope of musical sounds mixed with the smell of bourbon and po-boys. There used to be this barefoot singer who called herself Angel Eyes and she would show up from time to time to sing deep spirituals in random doorways along the street. I’ve never heard anyone with more soul since. Late one night I ran into her in front of Rouse’s grocery store in The Quarter. She was singing the most …


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