In criticizing Blunt’s lobbyist connections, is Missouri Dem chairman being hypocritical?

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WASHINGTON • In the category of politics being a small world and one of frequent contradictions, take the case of Roy Temple, chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party.He participated in a conference call on Monday with Missouri state Rep. Tracy McCreery to criticize what Temple called the “web of lobbyists” around Sen. Roy Blunt, repeating a central Democratic attack on the Republican Blunt by his opponent, Secretary of State Jason Kander.“The fact of the matter is Sen. Blunt has become a political fish that has been swimming in the Potomac for 20 years and no longer recognizes that the water is polluted,” Temple told reporters.
Inherent in this criticism is that of Gregg Hartley, a long-time Blunt adviser, and leading Washington lobbyist, whom the Post-Dispatch has reported is running his own independent advertising campaign to help Blunt.Hartley for years was a principal in the leading D.C. lobbying firm, Cassidy & Associates. He now runs his own lobbying shop. Kander and the Missouri Democratic Party have named Hartley as an example of Blunt’s inside-Washington connected-ness.But until 2010, Temple, too, worked for Cassidy.Temple was asked about that in the call with reporters.Hartley “is an honorable guy, …


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