Labor Day family reunions were fun in Conway, Ark.

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BRANSON MO NEWS: September 4 is Labor Day. When I was a boy and young man, sometimes we would go to Arkansas on Labor Day weekend for a family reunion.It wasn’t the Biggs Family but it might as well have been. It was actually the Williams Family. My Grandmother (my Dad’s Mother) was part of the Williams Family and there was a bunch of them in Arkansas.
The reunion was usually at the home of a family member in Conway, Arkansas. Conway is a wonderful college town about 30 miles this side of Little Rock right on Interstate 40.
My Grandmother was from Greenbriar, which is north of Conway on I-65 (on the way to Branson, Missouri). My late Uncle Alton and Aunt Mildred had a home on an acreage in Needs Creek, Arkansas, which is north of Conway and south of Greenbriar.
You just head north from Conway and you turn right a few miles past Pickles Gap on Highway 65.
A lot of folks went to these reunions. I didn’t know most of them but they were very friendly and they loved to tell me stories about my Dad growing up in Arkansas.
Here’s how the reunions worked. The women folk worked and visited in the kitchen while the men folk sat on the back patio or porch and swapped stories.
The food was fantastic. People brought casseroles, cakes, pies and whole host of goodies. In fact, there was not enough room on the dining room table or in the kitchen for all the food. As a result, you could walk into a bedroom and find Aunt Sadie’s apple pie sitting on a nightstand or Cousin Ruth’s cornbread casserole on the coffee table in the den.
The only alcohol at these events was an occasional beer that a …


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