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BRANSON MO NEWS: Being in Branson, Lake Taneycomo receives a lot of interest from tourists. People travel to the Ozarks in search of entertainment while also looking to soak up much of the surrounding natural splendor. A guided fishing trip on Lake Taneycomo allows visitors to achieve both at once, and no one is more equipped to show you a great time while putting a limit of trout in the boat than Duane Doty.Doty guides out of Lilleys’ Landing Resort and Marina, which is Missouri’s premier trout fishing resort. He keeps his finger on the pulse of Taneycomo by monitoring the anglers and guides who fish out of the trout dock. He knows what the fish are biting and where you need to go to catch them.“I know the most productive areas to fish. We usually don’t have to go far before wetting the lines,” Doty said. “I talk to my guests about what has been the best way to present the lure we will be fishing, how to retrieve the lure and what to expect as far as the bite. As the guests are fishing, I watch their lines, indicators and rods letting them know when they are getting bites that they may not be detecting. It usually does not take long before they catch on and start catching fish.”The Missouri Department of Conservation stocks approximately 750,000 trout in Taneycomo each year. These stocked fish allow for Taneycomo to serve trout anglers who want to keep their fish for eating. A lot of wild trout fishing is heavily catch-and-release, but because of the aggressive stocking program, anglers regularly keep fish, though not all of them are caught and kept early on. Some Taneycomo trout grow to impressive size. In fact, the state-record brown trout — weighing 27 pounds, 10 ounces — came …



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