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BRANSON MO NEWS: Imagining a better cheerleader for Natchez and the Miss-Lou than Scott Kimbrell is difficult to do.
Gray Montgomery, the 90-year-old World War II veteran who recently decided to walk the Natchez Trace to make sure everyone knows how great Natchez, may top Kimbrell, but that’s a different story.
Jennifer Ogden-Combs would give him a run for his money, too. Her job it is to promote Natchez as executive director of Visit Natchez and who recently got Natchez promoted on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square at a very affordable $3,000, including national editorial coverage. That, too, is a different story.
Kimbrell, however, is right up at the top with them, and he doesn’t get paid for his efforts. He is just downright passionate about Natchez and the Miss-Lou and Lake St. John, in particular.
We won’t even go into his passion about Mississippi State University and its athletics. That’s a different story.
I only recently met Kimbrell, but his passion for the things he loves, including pontoon boats, is evident and his passion is contagious, evangelical even in that he wants others to know about the things he loves and for them to find something to love about them, too.
That evangelical passion is exemplified by Kimbrell’s quest to get Pontoon and Deck Boat magazine to feature Lake St. John in the publication.
Kimbrell decided the story would be perfect for the magazine, so he developed a booklet, enlisting his friends who also love the lake to help him, spelling out the virtues of Lake St. John and why it would be a good story for Pontoon and Deck Boat magazine.
Kimbrell then made a trip to Branson, Missouri, to personally put that booklet into the hands of the magazine’s editor, Brady …



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