‘Naturally playful’ Project Branson recommends Ozarks nature, interactive play in gateway concepts

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BRANSON MO NEWS: When looking to create an iconic gateway in Branson, a group of Branson business owners want to look toward the Ozarks for inspiration,

Meeting with the Branson Board of Aldermen during a study session on Nov. 9 to present the result of six creative concepts for potential gateways on 76 Country Boulevard.

In January of 2017, the city entered into an agreement with Project Branson, a collection of Branson business owners representing more than 20 locations on Branson’s strip, to develop gateways at what are considered “key entry points” along the entertainment corridor.

According to Ann McDowell, executive director of Project Branson, the gateway project dates back to both the Branson Community Plan 2030, conducted in 2012, and the Spirit of 76 Master Plan, conducted in 2014.

“Our focus was on visitors and our business community.” McDowell said.

With the pause in construction on the Highway 76 Revitalization project, McDowell said it  allowed Project Branson to get things in order.

“This creative concept is step No. 1,” she said. “This is what should drive and inspire the design that happens before construction begins again.”  

Project Branson partnered with Springfield-based H2R Market Research to test six creative concepts with Branson visitors and residents.

Jerry Henry, CEO and President or H2R Market Research, said both residents and visitors were in agreement in their favorite and least favorite concepts.

“How likely is it that residents would not only pick the same winner and the same loser but pick them in pretty much the same order,” Henry said. “I think that’s pretty rare.” 

Henry also said the company conducted research from both visitors and residents on the most appropriate names for Missouri 76 in Branson with Branson Boulevard and 76 Country Boulevard as the two most popular results. 

Based on the research, McDowell said Project Branson’s recommendation was merging the two …


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