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Shows come and go in Branson.  However, Red Hot and Blue has remained a favorite for decades.  Always a crowd favorite, the show takes the audience on a musical journey thru the decades.  

On this episode we talk with two cast members, Steve Parrish and Clark Roberts.  They give us an overview of the show and share some fun stories.  Be sure to check out the show, currently at the Clay Cooper Theater.  As always, be sure to check online for the latest schedule and venue.


Hosted by Christopher James

About the host Christopher James.

Christopher James, Branson’s Male Entertainer of the Year, hostsAll Things Branson, has a daily show in Branson Missouri and wasnamed the Emcee of the Year, Magician of the Year, Comedian of theYear, Most Creative Performer, Top 5 Club Act of the Year, and BestStage Act of the Year by the Magician’s Alliance, Campus ActivitiesMagazine, and Branson Show Awards.

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