New roller coaster opening at Silver Dollar City next week

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BRANSON, Mo. – If you’ve been to a theme park in the past few years, then you know that roller coasters are getting more extreme. But a coaster opening next week at Silver Dollar City is getting worldwide attention because it is truly a one-of-its-kind coaster.
Time Traveler is one of a kind for several reasons, including the “first drop” and the “spinning carts.”
Brad Thomas, the General Manager of Silver Dollar City says this coaster is a game changer in the industry.
“(It) is an incredibly unique ride that is the fastest, the steepest, and the tallest spinning coaster ever created on this planet,” he said.
And it all begins with the moment you leave the station.
“As we leave this station, this ride will immediately drop 10 stories, 100 feet,” Thomas said. “And the spins starts immediately. So there’s no clickety-clack of a lift on this ride. You immediately do the drop and gravity takes control.”
Dennis Gordt, a roller coaster engineer behind the project, said the terrain of southwest Missouri was necessary for this type of ride.
“This has never been done at any ride anywhere in the world before,” he said.
The reason something like this has never been engineered elsewhere is because the hilly terrain on which the park is built is a necessity. Most parks are built on relatively flat land. But the hills at Silver Dollar City allow a 10-story drop immediately because of the massive hills and valleys.
In fact, roller coaster enthusiast groups from around the world are heading to Branson this spring to ride something never seen before. Time Traveler adds to the other coasters now operating at the park that have put this theme park including Powder Keg, Fire in the Hole, Wildfire, and …


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