Record Breaking Day in Southwest Missouri

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BRANSON, Mo.–Clear blue skies and 70 degree weather makes for a great combination to be out on the lake. McKenzie and her sister Marne are from Minnesota vacationing in Branson and are happy to escape the cold. “I just got off the phone with my husband and he says it’s 60 degrees back home, but 81 degrees here, we’ll take it.”60 degrees is more like a February day in Missouri so folks are taking advantage of the warm weather. Laura Miller and her family went to church then hit the lake. “Typically in February you’re bundled up, scarves, lots of time there’s snow on the ground. The fact that it’s 70 degrees and we’re outside and the kids can get into the water is unbelievable.”Whether you like to ride bikes, fish, skip rocks, enjoy speed boating, or just simply relax on nice days like Jamison Verploeg, there’s one thing in common that everyone is enjoying. Jamison Verploeg says, “Oh it’s great outside, love it. It’s a little warm for February, not really normal, but it’s a great day to be out by the lake.”Laura Miller says, “Oh it’s February, how can we not enjoy it, it’s beautiful outside today.”And …


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