Rudkin: Life before the party

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BRANSON MO NEWS: This week we’ve been preparing for a short weekend trip to Branson, Missouri.It’s 31 degrees here in Casper as I write these words. It is 64 degrees in Branson.As I look out my window there is snow on the grass and icicles are bending the branches to near breaking. It is warm today in Branson with a hint of fall in the air.
I put on my warm snow boots this morning, a sweatshirt and a down jacket. Tomorrow, when I arrive in Missouri, I will throw on shorts and flip flops.We’re living in harsh “winter-like” hours today but I’m preparing for a few days, 96 hours, of warm fall weather. I am so excited.Still. Today, I go about my business; my normal work, my eating, walking around life in Casper, Wyoming. I’ll make some phone calls today and I will hear a story or two. I will talk and laugh with my team, and we will work like crazy.I’ll eat the banana sitting on my desk, I’ll run and grab lunch in a bit and I’ll lead a group of people I truly love this evening. I’ll pack my suitcase and clean up the house. I’ll go to bed.All the while, I will be anticipating the moment I will step off the plane into the warm sunshine to celebrate my baby sister’s 50th birthday! We will have a three-day party with family and friends. There will be laughter and silliness, tears and reminiscing, eating and playing. There will be joy!Again… that begins tomorrow.Today, I still have a life to live this side of the “party.”
This day, the day before the celebration, in some odd way, is pushing me to think about eternity. …



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