Southwest Wrong Airport Landing Lawsuit Seeks Exactly $74,999.99

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BRANSON NEWS: BRANSON, MO — Seeking a judgment of exactly $74,999.99 and not $75,0000 may seem peculiar, but there’s a logical reason a Wisconsin man is asking for that precise amount in a lawsuit against lawsuit Southwest airlines for landing at the wrong airport — one with a short runway that caused the 124 passengers to bounce around during the landing. Troy Haines was flying to Branson, Missouri, in 2014 when the pilot landed at the M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport instead of Branson Airport, which is located about 6 miles away. The runway was shorter, and the jet stopped 300 feet short of the runway, which has a steep drop off. The pilots of Southwest Flight 4013 out of Chicago told the National Transportation Safety Bureau used a visual approach at night and mistook the bright runway lights at the smaller airport for the lights at Branson Airport.Here’s a pilot’s view of the mistake:[embedded content] It was a miserably rough landing, according to the lawsuit, and Haines has since suffered “severe mental anguish, fear and anxiety, including a panic attack which caused him to be removed from another airliner prior to takeoff.” “The flight crew applied the speedbrake, thrust reversers, and autobrakes, causing the passengers on flight #4013 to slam forward and bounce around in their seats, causing the overhead bins to unlatch throwing their contents throughout the cabin, and the cabin to fill with smoke,” the lawsuit states. Haines “was immediately struck with fear and anxiety over potentially crashing,” according to the lawsuit. He was so traumatized, it said, that he was unable to fly for work-related travel and had to take a different job at a “substantially diminished salary.” Southwest reached out individually to each of the 124 passengers on board directly after the flight with a compensation offer, the Associated Press reported. The reason Haines is asking …

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