The Beatles: The sister of George Harrison who lives in poverty

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BRANSON NEWS: GETTYGeorge Harrison with his sister Louise Harrison, c.1964 (L)Fans scrambled over barricades, pursued the band’s limousines and surrounded their hotel, desperate for a glimpse of the Fab Four.The trip became a fabled piece of rock ’n’ roll history as Beatlemania ignited British pop’s US invasion.Yet fans would be shocked to learn that it was not the first time performing in America for one Beatle: George Harrison, who would have celebrated his 75th birthday on February 25.Just five months earlier, with a string of chart-topping singles and albums in Britain, the 20-year-old Harrison had visited the US without fanfare, played with a local band and travelled the Midwest incognito, reveals his older sister Louise Harrison.“It was probably the last time in his life that George could ever go anywhere without being recognised and mobbed by fans, the last time he could feel like a normal human being,” says Louise, aged 86, from her home near Branson, Missouri.Related articles
Louise HarrisonGeorge harrison pictured with his sister Louise in 1975

It’s only money. My brother’s love was more important. When he was dying I went to his hospital in New York and we made our peace
Louise Harrison

Louise recalls Harrison’s Liverpool childhood, his thoughts on death and laments how his promise to look after her for the rest of her life was thwarted by his widow.But it was Harrison’s secret visit to the US in September 1963 that the Beatle treasured most.“When he got off the plane in St Louis there wasn’t a single fan waiting,” says Louise.“Nobody tore at his clothes or screamed for his autograph. No squads of police, no gangs of reporters. It was such a relief for him.”Beatlemania was at its height in Britain after …

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