The Hottest Ticket Since Hamilton

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Nestled among the rolling hills and Amish dairy farms of Lancaster, Pennsylvania a family-owned regional theatre called Sight & Sound is drawing record crowds to its just-launched musical JESUS: Live Onstage. The cast of 50 actors—augmented by live camels, donkeys, doves and the most state-of-the-art special effects imaginable—just opened on March 10th (but good luck getting a ticket until sometime in late May or June…as audiences pack the 2,000 seat auditorium for what can best be described as a, well, religious experience.)“The thing about live theater is that it is totally unique with each performance and we don’t get to see it until it unfolds on stage,” observes Katie Miller, whose grandparents founded Sight & Sound Theatre 42 years ago. “JESUS: Live Onstage has been four years in the making, and has the fingerprints of hundreds of actors, musicians, skilled craftsmen and special effects staff all over this production.”Miller—the oldest of the third generation of her family involved in Sight & Sound—exudes confidence as she serves as Communications Director of the Lancaster flagship as well as a companion location in Branson, Missouri. She says together the theatres will welcome over 1.5-million guests throughout 2018.But as with any live stage show, what matters most is what magical things happen once the house lights dim and the production begins. And the focal point of this spectacular musical is Jonathan Blair, a 22-year old actor who portrays Jesus onstage. (A second actor, Brandon Talley, assumes the role during alternate performances.)Blair says assuming the persona of Jesus Christ—while an awesome responsibility in terms of shouldering the bulk of this musical’s scenes and messaging—was “also a comfort because Jesus is someone I know personally. My theatrical approach is, let me show you what I know about this very special …


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