The Most Amazing New Roller Coaster in the World Will Be in Missouri

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Photo courtesy of Silver Dollar City.

Hundreds of journalists and industry leaders flocked to the Time Traveler’s unveiling on Tuesday.

Get ready roller coaster enthusiasts: The fastest, steepest and tallest complete-circuit spinning coaster in the entire world is coming to Missouri next spring.Now, the ground-breaking coaster — dubbed the Time Traveler — will be at Silver Dollar City in Branson, not Six Flags. But what’s a few hours of travel for what amounts to a large number of superlatives?

The owners and manufacturers promise vehicles that will allow riders to experience two simultaneous thrills. As each car moves forward along the track, another component spins riders 360 degrees, providing a different ride each time (not unlike the whirling sensation you get on a standard “teacup ride”).

Before making its way to Branson, the vehicle made its debut Tuesday at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando. The expo, which draws more than 32,000 attendees from around the world, is the industry’s largest convention — and they apparently met the Time Traveler with (per its PR team) “cheers and applause.”

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Photo courtesy of Silver Dollar City.

Time Traveler vehicle.

True to its name, the vehicle resembles a time-traveling machine, featuring gears, cogs and other industrial components. But it’s not just about looking cool. Its manufacturer, Mack Rides, says its 360-degree adjustable magnetic spin control is absolutely cutting edge.

“The car is the most advanced roller coaster car in the industry, featuring a free-spinning rotation on a launched roller coaster,” said the company’s CEO, Christian von Elverfeldt, in a press release. “For the utmost comfort, an onboard magnetic brake limits the rotation speed to allow the most enjoyable ride experience for all ages.”

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Photo courtesy of Silver Dollar City.

The coaster vehicle …


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