The Revollusionists

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June 4 – TGC Photo says

…What makes The Revollusionists stand out from the crowd? When you jump at the chance to see this show, you don’t get to watch just ONE fantastic magician…you get to watch FIVE of them! Each of these world renown magicians specializes in his own unique craft, and you’ll get to experience each of them in one great show.
   Reza has been known around the globe since he started as a magician prodigy at the age of seven. He captivates audiences and astounds them by reading their minds, making motorcycles appear from thin air, and then slipping between the rotating blades of an industrial fan. He also has surprises up his sleeve so watch out, he knows your favorite candy bar…plus he can make Oreo filling reappear, and even double!
   Luka will keep your attention focused on his fingers as his slight of hand and up-close-and-personal magic captivates the audience. Count the coins carefully, they won’t stay in the same place for long! And who knew there was so much magic in a deck of cards? Write your name on a card and hold it between your teeth. Luka writes his name on a card and holds it between his teeth….so how on earth does his name end up on the card in your teeth? Beats me!
   Jackson Rayne has the whole town of Branson talking about him right now. This guy holds world records for escaping from things….straight jackets, thumb cuffs, padlocks; anything that can tie him up. He’s put a new twist on escaping from his straight jacket this year; hung by his feet upside down, in between metal hinges with saw teeth on them and only held open by a rope…and then the rope is lit on fire! With 80 seconds on the clock, this is a stunt that will leave you breathless!
   You won’t hear much from the Phantom, he performs his illusions in silence. But who needs words while you’re pushing swords through people in boxes, levitating girls in thin air, and making people appear out of nowhere?! There’s a mystery about the Phantom that will keep you glued to the action.
   What the Phantom lacks in words, Mike Bliss makes up for in his hilarious comedy magic routine. This guy keeps you laughing the whole time while truly making it an audience participation show. You don’t know what he might have ‘borrowed’ from you as he helps you find your seat, or what he’ll find in your pocket while you’re on stage. And what other magician jumps rope on a unicycle? Wait ‘till you meet his pet skunk, you’ll want one of your very own!
   The entire Revollusionist cast has dedicated themselves to becoming the hottest magic show in town. From the young to the old there’s something in this show for everyone. Smoke, fire, motorcycles, handcuffs…and pure talent. It’s all here!

I saw the Revollusionists,
At least I thought I did.
With all the magic that went on
I might have flipped my lid!

When Reza slipped between the blades
Of that rotating fan,
I thought that we’d see saurekraut
Composed of magic man.

The slight of hand that Luka does
(Up close or underneath),
You’ll find his name upon the card
That’s stuck between your teeth!

And if you’re locked in something,
Then the Jackson comes around,
Cause he gets out of everything
While hanging upside down.

The silence of the opera
Is where the Phantom shines –
He’ll float a girl above the ground,
She never seems to mind.

A mix of funny magic tricks
And Mike Bliss is the dope;
He rides a unicycle
And he does it jumping rope!

So if you like your magic and
You like it varied style,
Then see the Revollusionists
They’re sure to make you smile.

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