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imageWe picked a great day to take our three-year-old twins out and head over to the Track Family Fun Park!  It was clear and sunny; perfect for riding go-karts. We chose to go to Track 4 and take on the Heavy Metal High Rise.

However, the Heavy Metal High Rise isn’t all Track #4 has to offer.  Track 4 offers four different go-kart tracks: the Heavy Metal High Rise, Classic Go-Karts, Rookie Go-Karts, and Kiddie Go-Karts.  This track also has arcade games, bumper cars, bumper boats, kiddie amusement rides, mini golf, and a Skycoaster!

Before we even went into the main building to load our Track Family Fun Pass Card full of credits, my daughter, Cassie, spied the bumper cars and made it clear that she wanted to have a turn on them.  So I made sure that we bought enough credits so both kids could have a ride in the bumper cars as well.  It was well worth it as both of the kids loved being bumped around and “running into” Daddy as he took pictures safely on the sidelines.

Next to the bumper cars is the Skycoaster.   I cannot wait until my kids are 42” tall and I can take them on this attraction!  I have wanted to ride it for so long, but I don’t think my kids could handle sitting by and watching me ride without them (my daughter show a lot of interest in this ride!).

The twins were tall enough (at 37 inches) to ride as passengers on the Classic Go-Karts and the Heavy Metal High Rise, but were one year and two inches too short to drive the Kiddie Go-Karts by themselves.  They both loved the Heavy Metal High Rise go-karts which have a second steering wheel for the passenger.  They were able to “drive” and really enjoy their race.  Daddy and Xander won!

Next the kids rode the Ferris wheel and a spinning top ride.  They were having such a good time that they refused to wave at Mommy and Daddy and smile for pictures!

After the kiddie rides, we took our turn at bumper boats!  We had a blast and got soaked in the process.  Each boat has a water squirt gun on the front.  Daddy and Cassie followed Xander and I and aimed their squirt gun only at us!  But we got them soaked, too!

Unfortunately we were exhausted after all of our fun and did not have time to head over to the jungled themed mini golf course (maybe next time!).  But we always find time (and energy) to finish our visit at Track 4 by stopping at Andy’s Frozen Custard.  They have some very delicious Branson themed treats right now that are oh, so good!

We love having fun in Branson!


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