Waynesville 5-year old to Meet Dozens of Mayors at Once in Branson

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BRANSON, Mo – Mayors from across the State of Missouri are coming together to help 5-year old Taylor Duncan meet her goal to have ice cream with every Mayor in the State, by inviting her to meet dozens of Mayors at once.

Duncan has accepted an invitation to have ice cream with an entire room full of Mayors at the Missouri Mayors United for Progress meeting that is a part of the Missouri Municipal League (MML) Annual Conference in Branson on Monday, September 17 at 12:30 p.m. in the Compton Ferry Room of the Branson Convention Center.

Duncan has made headlines across the State for her efforts to learn as much as she can about the State of Missouri by meeting Mayors of each city for ice cream.

“To have this much genuine interest and passion for learning at such a young age is inspiring and her journey has been fun to watch. We wanted to do something extra sweet for her and give her an experience and opportunity she will never forget as well as help her with her goal. What better way to do that than for her to meet this many mayors in one place,” said Branson Mayor Karen Best.

Mayor Best will also be spending some one on one time with Duncan after the ice cream social. The Mayor will take Duncan on a zip-line ride as well as the hot air balloon on the Branson Landing.

On September 8, Duncan met her 25th Mayor in Conway, Missouri. You can follow her journey as well as donate to her family’s gas fund by going to her Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ShowMeIceCream/

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