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I don’t know how anyone from the 1950s and later could possibly not be in love with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger. They should treasure anything from that era. It is almost impossible to mention vintage Western movies and not mention Roy Rogers. I know they were all my heroes growing up in the ’50s.Before I started my article this week, I did a little research regarding the Roy Rogers Museum. Actually, the original museum was in Victorville, California, and was started in the 1960s. But later, his children wanted it all moved to Branson, Missouri, shortly after Rogers’ death. But, I had remembered hearing something about the contents of that museum being sold by Christies’ Auction House, so I dug a little deeper and discovered that the museum in Branson was closed Dec. 12, 2009.Then, the museum’s collection was auctioned to the highest bidders on July 15, 2010. Reports have it that the winning bid for Trigger, Rogers’ horse, (stuffed and mounted) brought $266,500. Actually, an Omaha cable company was said to have purchased it along with Bullet, Roger’s dog, as well.Sad to say, but we all need to do what we have to sometimes, and …


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