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BRANSON MO NEWS: As the year winds down, representatives with the Missouri Department of Transportation said the new bridge project in Forsyth remains on schedule.

Brian Todd, senior construction inspector with the Missouri Department of Transportation, said the weather has been mostly cooperative thus far.

“They’re progressing pretty well,” Todd said. “We have most of the roadway fill in and are working on relocating some of the water lines along Baker Street. We’re still working on the substructure of the bridge and coming along pretty good on those so far.”

Work on the project began in September, and will include the construction of a new bridge on 76 over Bull Shoals Lake west of the existing bridge. Sections of 76 will be rebuilt to meet the new bridge, and a roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of 76 and U.S. 160.

Work scheduled for last week included building the bridge columns in Bull Shoals Lake west of the existing bridge. Todd said colder weather can cause issues during construction.

“With the temperature getting cold it’s hard to pour some of the concrete and keep it from freezing,” Todd said. “Next week we’ll get back to the drilled shafts out in the lake. We’re down to three left we need to complete, we’re drilling on one and we have two more after that.”

According to Todd, a drilled shaft is a column extended down into solid rock.

“So all the piers out in the lake, it’s what they sit on,” he said. “Out in the lake it’s easier to do those because you drill a steel casing down and seat it into solid rock. You drill into that casing and it keeps the water from coming in.”

Looking ahead, Todd said the project will move forward with general …


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