Daily Recap: January 12th, 2017

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BRANSON MO NEWS: Daily Recap: January 12th, 2017 – Rick Wiles, Are Freemasons Hacking the World?(VERO BEACH, FL) Has the Deep State accelerated into an outright insurrection over God’s intervention in election 2016? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles broadcasts live from the Ozark mountains of Branson, Missouri with JBS hosts Pastor Jim Bakker and Zach Drew. The trio discuss the latest chapter in salacious accusations against Donald Trump from mainstream propagandists, as they continue to reel from the fact a foreign power DID intervene in U.S. politics, namely God. Also in the exclusive interview, Pastor Rick and the anointed gathering address what they believe will blossom from the reprieve our Lord has granted America.TRUNEWS Trump Transition Press Update: 01/12/17 (link)Russian MoD: Military scale down in Syria moving ahead (link)India: Christians Dangerously Vulnerable (link)Former CDU spox: Elite are undermining Trump to start war (link)Trump: DNI Clapper says report is ‘false and fictitious’ (link)Unemployment: Not what expected (link)Will BuzzFeed Face Libel Charges for Trump Trash Docs? (link)Nominee Tillerson Says China Must Leave South Sea (link)First Step taken: Dismantle OBAMACARE (link)Feds Wanted Warrant on Trump Campaign Officials (link)Trump Press Conference: Fake News shutdown ( …


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