Greitens pal and ‘dark money’ expert both involved in record donation — but still no disclosure



When Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens landed a record-setting political donation of almost $2 million in July, it arrived via a federal superPAC that didn’t specify the source of the money. The campaign at the time said, vaguely, that the money was donated by Greitens’ fellow Navy SEALS.But a Post-Dispatch analysis has found that the funding actually originated with an Ohio political operative known nationally for “dark-money” intrigue — an operative with past connections to a top political consultant whose firm is working for Greitens.On Friday, Greitens himself confirmed that his campaign has a second, more direct tie to the superPAC: It is run by someone he knew from his military days.
Taken together, the new revelations indicate the campaign didn’t just passively receive the mysterious windfall, but appears to have arranged its arrival through a complex process designed to hide its origin.“When drug dealers do this, it’s called money laundering,” said John Messmer, a professor of political science at St. Louis Community College at Meramec and founder of Missourians for Government Reform.“These aren’t coincidences. These are very smart people who understand that Missouri is the wild west” in terms of campaign ethics …


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