Joplin man jailed after car chase through Branson neighborhood

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BRANSON MO NEWS: A Joplin man is in jail after leading police on a chase through a Branson neighborhood.According to a court report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the incident happened Jan. 3. It started when a patrol aircraft clocked William Bradley Vincent, 26, driving 80 miles per hour on U.S. 65, south of U.S. 160.The pilot contacted a patrolman driving south on U.S. 65 about the speeding vehicle, and the on-ground patrolman then saw the car – described as a Toyota Solara convertible – pass him.

According to the report, the patrolman activated his lights and siren and attempted to pull over the Toyota. Instead, the Toyota continued on, making an abrupt lane change to pass cars, and driving past two other patrolmen who were on the right shoulder making traffic stops of their own.The patrolman turned off his lights and siren “in an effort to lessen any erratic driving by the violator and because the pilot was following the Toyota, giving a detailed description of his location,” the report stated.In the area of the turn off to the Ozark Mountain Highroad, Vincent drove his car on the shoulder to pass other traffic, the report stated. He then passed on the right several more times.Vincent exited from 65 at Missouri 248 in Branson and headed east. He drove through a roundabout intersection on Branson Landing Boulevard and into a residential neighborhood where he pulled into a driveway. The pilot led the patrolman to Vincent’s location, but then Vincent drove through the yard and headed north through the neighborhood.According to the report, Vincent drove through several other yards, and drove along a powerline cut before heading south on Eiserman Street where a different patrolman began following him.The Toyota became disabled on Eiserman Street, and Vincent fled on foot. A patrolman and …


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