Ladies And Gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty!!!

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It was a punt of sorts. Family Guy would hit a point in the plot that didn’t make sense or proved too tiresome to bother trying to write their way out of it, hence a cutaway. At that moment, Peter or someone else look at the camera and cheerfully announce, “Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Conway Twitty!”

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For many fans of the show, the idea was obviously to catch them off guard, this guy in the gaudy leisure suit with the mile-high pompadour, provoking the question “Who the hell is Conway Twitty?” . McFarlane has given various reasons. He’s said including the Twitty clips from Hee-Haw (which FG pays to use) is a joke on the Fox network of some sorts. Some fans like it; others don’t.
Twitty (1933-1993) was one of the biggest country singers of the 70’s and 80s. His string of Top Ten and Number One country singles ran 23 years, from 1968 to 1991. His first fame, however, came as a 1950’s rock star.
Conway Twitty was born Harold Lloyd Jenkins in Friars Point, Mississippi, deep in blues country. After his family moved to Helena, Arkansas, still in the Mississippi Delta, as a teenager he played in a …


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