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May 15 – TGC Photo says

Dean Z as Elvis

Dean Z as Elvis

…there aren’t too many places around where you can truly find music that spans the decades. And I can’t think of any place where you can see Kenney Chesney perform with Bette Midler, Ann-Margaret, the Blues Brothers, Lionel Richie, and Elvis…all in one night! Oh wait, yes I can…Legends in Concert! Based out of Las Vegas, Legends in Concert is known for bringing the best tribute artists together in one fabulous concert, so good that it promises to bring you back time after time. And that’s not just because they change their lineup four times a year!
     The spring lineup in Branson has been no exception to Legends standard of fun and excitement. Branson local and hometown favorite Todd Bradshaw kicks off the show as Kenney Chesney, and speaking as a personal Kenney fan, you won’t find any better tribute than Todd. Close your eyes and listen, or just watch Todd on stage and you’ll suddenly find yourself on the beach with no shoes, no shirt, no problems…but definitely a straw cowboy hat and a smile!
     Lionel Richie pulls you right back from the beach and will have you dancing on the ceiling all night long…and probably out of breath by the time you’re done clapping and singing along! David Lawrence pulls off Richie’s smooth style and keeps the crowd entertained with impressive dance moves, jumping over speakers on the stage and interacting with the Legends singers and dancers.
     If you had asked me six months ago what songs Bette Midler sang, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you (but give me a break, I’m not even 30 yet!). But once I heard Jennica McCleary perform her Bette tribute, it didn’t take more than the 2nd song for me to sing right along with In the Mood, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, and Mr. Sandman (featuring Legends own Desta Pritchett and Kenya Wilhite). McCleary nails the big personality, big hair, and amazing costumes to a tee. And seriously, what Bette Midler tribute would be complete without an amazing rendition of Wind Beneath my Wings?
     Danny Z and Chance Havens take over the long-time roles of the Blues Brothers this year, and based on what I saw this time, they will be a Branson favorite. Both artists have portrayed the Blues Brothers in past lives, and their versions of Soul Man and Shout will make you want to shout right along with them. That is if you don’t get tired out just watching them bound all over the Legends stage!
     Ann-Margret’s dynamite set will have your toes tapping and hands clapping along with Rescue Me and Fever. Lori Russo nails Ann’s sultry personality, and just a warning – hang on to your man, ladies! Because Ann-Margret needs a man to sing to, and she just might choose yours….
     Legends’ favorite Elvis, Dean Z, is back to rock the house as the King once again. You won’t find a better Elvis anywhere, and he’s right, the more yelling you do, the more shaking he does!! All the favorites are here and accounted for including Jail House Rock and Hound Dog. One of the highlights is Dean’s popular jam session where he’ll sing any Elvis song the audience requests. And of course with Ann-Margret in the house, you can count on a Viva Las Vegas duet!
     Make sure to put Legends and all the amazing performers on your quick-list because this Spring lineup is only here through May 19th. Check back with TGC Photography and All Things Branson for pictures and write-ups for each of the upcoming Legends seasons!

You gotta go see ’em, the Legends in Concert,
You’ll swear that you really are there.
And hearing the voices of all of those legends
Will make you jump out of your chair.

A buff Kenny Chesney, it’s easy to see he
Is wearin’ the hat like a pro.
And he’s got no problem with drinkin’ an awesome
Cold beer down in old Mexico.

Now Lionel Richie, his feet can’t get itchy
The way that he jumps on the floor.
A dance on the ceilin’ will mean that he’s feelin’
Like doin’ a brick house explore.

And then there’s the set of that Midler (Bette)
WIth the voice and the hair and the flings.
There’s never a doubt that the redhead is out
And she’s got lots of wind on her wings.

The suited Blues Brothers may startle your mothers
By flipping and bounding on stage;
But you’ll give a Shout when the blues harp comes out
And there’s no way that you’ll disengage.

Ann-Margret will know that a big yellow boa
Will tickle your fancy (and hers).
Cause she’s got the Fever and no one can leave her
Just listen and you’ll hear the purrrrs!

And how can you be in the place with Dean Z
And believe that the King ain’t alive?
He’ll dance and do swagger that’s better than Jagger
And jailhouse all of your jive!

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