Missouri superintendents write their concerns to the Board of Education

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Controversy at the Missouri Board Of Education is prompting dozens of school superintendents to send a message to the state.A letter from 77 Southwest Missouri superintendents takes issue with the apparent effort underway to replace the state education commissioner. The State Board of Education meets in closed session tomorrow morning to discuss the hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of employees.Emily Yoakam, Neosho Teacher: “They have 45 minutes to essentially break out of the box and work as a team to solve the puzzle.” A kind of classroom version of an escape room, giving these Neosho students a chance to work on team building and problem solving.Emily Yoakam, Neosho Teacher: “When they can collaborate and work as a team, my weakness could be somebody else’s strength.”It’s the kind of daily lesson Neosho Superintendent Dan Decker would like Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to see for himself. Decker is one of dozens of school superintendents urging the governor to learn more about public education firsthand.Dan Decker, Neosho Supt.: “Basically asking the governor before you try to make change come to our schools. Come to our schools and see the great things we’ve got going on.” 77 school superintendents have signed an open letter, expressing concerns about the apparent effort underway to replace the head of the State Department of Education. They’re concerned the replacement would put a higher priority on charter schools, making decisions without understanding state and regional education issues.Dan Decker, Neosho Supt.: “That’s the message from the letter is, you know, we’re all in this together. The commissioner’s doing a great job. She’s asking input, she’s seeking input from educators. She’s bridging the gap between education and legislation and really working as a champion for us.”Other superintendents signing the letter include those at McDonald county, …


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