Off the screen: Mesquite man turns vehicles into iconic movie replicas

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If you’ve lived in Mesquite long enough you may have seen one of two iconic movie vehicles, the Jurassic Park Jeep and Ghostbusters Ecto-1, around the city at one time or another. These vehicles belong to the same man, Dave McDonough, who began his hobby with his Jeep and eventually added the Ecto-1 to his collection.McDonough originally hails from New Jersey, but family and the cost of Texas living lured him down south in 2008.

He built both vehicles himself, learning as he went, and uses his creations for events and birthdays parties under the company name Dallas Movie Replicas.What was the adjustment like going from New Jersey to Texas?I was a beach bum so it was quite the wakeup call because there’s no water within four hours of here, and the summers were quite a beating.What’s the story behind your vehicles?It started with the Jeep, which I got for Valentine’s Day from my wife (Angie). I looked at it and thought it looked like a good base model for a Jurassic Park Jeep. Originally she said absolutely not, so I painted it black and I didn’t like it. It kept eating at me and I kept bothering her with it until she finally broke down and said, “Just do it.”

Back then I didn’t know anything about Jeeps and I had to learn to take off the paint. It took me 40 bottles of nail polish remover to remove the (black) spray paint off the Jeep. I later learned it was just the acetone that took it off and I could buy it by the gallon. I learned a lot of lessons just from getting that thing prepped and ready. I finally got all the paint off and painted stripes on it and put the …


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