Prescription drug monitoring program: County attorney recommends accepting agreement

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BRANSON MO NEWS: Missouri is still without a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program; however, Taney County opted to join a St. Louis County-based program last month and it’s nearing its launching date, which will be sometime in early 2018.

During a county commission meeting Monday, commissioners accepted Taney County Attorney Frank Cottey’s Nov. 8 recommendation to accept the program.

“He’s reviewed the agreement and approves it to form,” said Presiding Commissioner Mike Scofield at Monday’s meeting.

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, or PDMP, “monitors the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances to assist in the identification and prevention of prescription drug misuse and abuse,” according to the St. Louis County’s Health Department website.

The goals are to “improve controlled substance prescribing by providing critical information regarding a patient’s controlled substance prescription history, inform clinical practice by identifying patients at high-risk who would benefit from early interventions, and reduce the number of people who misuse, abuse, or overdose while making sure patients have access to safe, effective treatment,” as stated on stlouisco.com/HealthandWellness/PDMP.

The program monitors three areas of prescription drugs: narcotics, tranquilizers and stimulants. 

Taney County Health Department Community Outreach Manager Lisa Marshall said Tuesday, now that the user agreement is accepted, “this means we are moving forward.”

The county coordinator for the PDMP will be the health department, Marshall said. 

“It is definitely something that belongs to the entire county and it will be shared among all the partners,” she said.

Once St. Louis County receives the user agreement, they will begin the educational push and the PDMP should officially launch sometime early next year, Marshall said.

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